LEGO Ninjago Games

LEGO Ninjago Games to Play Online or Offline

Are you looking for LEGO Ninjago games to play? This comprehensive list of the available Ninjago games should help you find what you're looking for including the Ninjago Video Game.

Best Online Ninjago Game: Spinjitzu Smash.

New Snakes Game: Spinjitzu Spinball

Have you seen the new LEGO Legends of Chima Sets?

Whether you're after free online games to play, a video game, help with the LEGO Spinjitzu game or some pointers for the Scavenger Hunt, we've got some great ideas for you.

Ninjago 2014
The LEGO world is abuzz with the news that Ninjago will continue in 2014! There had been rumors that Ninjago would end in 2013, but it's looking likely that ...

Ninjago Snakes Games

Spinjitzu Spinball

Spinjitzu Spinball
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Spinjitzu Spinball

Spinjitzu Spinball is great fun. You can choose and customize your Ninja and then you have to spin through the levels battling Serpentine enemies as you go. This is great fun and gets quite tricky - you have to get the angle and power of your spin just right and come up with the right strategy to take out the snake people with a small number of spins.

Play: Spinjitzu Spinball

Free Online Ninjago Games

And paid online games too.

Spinjitzu Smash Video

Ninjago Games: Spinjitzu Smash
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Ninjago Games: Spinjitzu Smash

Spinjitzu Smash

Lego Ninjago Online Game

Spinjitzu Smash is a free online game. It's a turn based battle game where you play one of the Ninja heroes: Kai, Cole, Jay or Zane. There's a story mode and Sensei Wu sends you on missions, but it's all about the battles really.

You move around a 3x3 game board and get to throw weapons at skeleton army attackers who are in another 3x3 game board - you stay on your game board. You can also use game cards to attack oponents or improve your health - for some of these cards you need to be in the right position on the board for them to have the right effect on the skeletons.

The game allows you to create card decks and upgrade weapons as you progress and unlock codes. Definitely a good game, there's lots of game play here.

Play: Spinjitzu Smash.

Smash Creations Trailer

Smash Creations

Online custom Ninja and battle game

Now there's LEGO Ninjago Smash Creations.

Smash Creations is a very cool free online Ninjago game. You can create your own warriors. My younger son loved this because he got to create a yellow Ninja - his favorite color is yellow and he's a bit disappointed that the theme doesn't have a yellow warrior. Now it does! You can also customize the picture and the strengths of your Ninja.

This game is an extended version of Spinjitzu Smash (above) so I recommend that you play Spinjitzu Smash first so you understand the gameplay.

In Spinjitzu Smash Creations you can also create a custom card deck. Once you've done this, there's a very cool battle game where you can pit your custom Ninja and deck against an opponent in a battle game. There's really a lot to this game for a free online game. Very neat.

Click here to play: LEGO Ninjago Smash Creations or watch the trailer below.

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What sort of Ninjago Games do you want?

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  • Spinjitzu the Spinner Game
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Free Online Games: The Four Paths - Four Mini Games: One for each Ninja

These are the official LEGO Ninjago mini games from LEGO. There's one for each of the four main Ninja warriors in Ninjago. They're nicely done but simple.

Ninjago in Lego Universe

Lego Universe was a Massively Multi-Player online world set in the Lego universe.

Lego Universe has sadly been closed. Ninjago was added to the online world shortly before the end. See the trailer below.

Clips from LEGO Universe Video

iPhone and Mobile Apps

LEGO Ninjago Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is a AppStore game for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

In the game you help the Ninjas fight Lord Garmadon and the Skeleton Army but the game has an interesting real life twist. You can unlock new gear in the game by heading to a local toy store and scanning the bar codes of LEGO Ninjago Sets.

The game is a free download from iTunes. Very cool.

Click here to get it: LEGO Ninjago Scavenger Hunt.

Board Games

LEGO Ninjago 3856

@ Amazon


A buildable board game for 2-4 players - it's a team game. You get 234 LEGO pieces including 10 Ninjago mini figures.

Battle Lord Garmadon and find te golden weapons.

Spinjitzu Game

Ninjago Video Games

LEGO Battles Ninjago

@ Amazon


The Lego Battles: Ninjago video game gets good reviews. But it's important to note that this is a fairly sophisticated real-time strategy game. It will keep older fans happy but might be a bit advanced for the little ones.

LEGO Ninjago Game Video

Watch this video to get an idea of the story and setting for LEGO Battles: Ninjago and some of the game play.

LEGO Battles: Ninjago Video Trailer

This amazing animated trailer for the video game is worth watching for all Ninjago fans.

Top Toys and Gifts

Do you need to buy a gift for a Ninjago fan? These ideas should make him or her happy!

Battles for DS on eBay

Ninjago Battles has been out for a while now so you have a good chance of finding a used copy on eBay.

Ninjago Games - Quick Links

More info on all of these Ninjago games below.

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LEGO Ninjago Games

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I didn't know there were online Ninjago games. Great lens!

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Very cool, thanks for sharing! =)

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Legos. Ninjas. What else is there? Awesome combo!

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I am going to have to show this lens to my 9 year old son, he loves LEGO Ninjas. He is going to love this! thanks - great lens

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My first thought was, "I must show this to my son", who obssessed with everything to do with Lego. My second thought was, "I'll be hounded day and night to buy him something and he'll spend hours playing the games".

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I love that games, nice lens :D

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I <3 NinjaGo

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Ninjago rocks- thanks for putting this great lens together.

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Lots of cool Ninjago stuff here - great job!

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that is so fun that rocks

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These LEGO games are great!

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Great collection of Ninjago games.when i'll played this games its superb fun, i am enjoyed it .its really amazing.

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Ha! My boys have these toys.

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cool lens thank you for share

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Awesome choices.

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Love the lens. My son loves Ninjago so I'm sure he will love to see this awesome list of games you have made. Thanks!

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My boys are huge fans. We just celebrated a Ninjago themed birthday party. Great lens.

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yeah! ninjago!

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very interesting lens.


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Yeah, I sure liked them! Thanks a bunch for sharing!

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I sure liked them to my son, Thanks

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Great Recommendations

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Very good game for the kids.. Great Recommendations, my nephew love to play LEGO Ninjago Smash...

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Great selections of Ninjago Games. Many thanks for sharing!

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avigarret 2 years ago

I never even knew half of these were available and I love Ninjago, thanks :)

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Great selection... Don't think I could have found these on my own. Lego sure has come a long way since I was a kid.

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Love these games.

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